Jenny has qualified with a Bachelor of Arts, a Higher Diploma in Linguistics and a postgraduate qualification in Speech and Language Therapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.


Upon graduating, Jenny worked in Ireland alongside Behavioural Psychologists before relocating to Australia where she worked within the schooling system for 5 years. Since returning home, Jenny has become a mother twice over and has worked with adults and adolescents with Autism.

As part of the schooling system in Australia, Jenny worked as a consultant Speech Pathologist as part of a multi-disciplinary team. These school support services provided screening sessions for students identified as having difficulty, follow up meetings with teaching staff and comprehensive reports with resources. As a school based Speech Pathologist, Jenny helped develop early years literacy programmes, provided teacher training during staff meetings and whole class teacher modelling as well as individual student support.

Within the adolescent and adult support services for people with Autism, Jenny has worked directly with individuals and indirectly with staff, helping to identify the best possible means for that person to communicate. In some instances, that has involved using visual supports, object exchange, low-tech communication systems (such as PECS) and high-tech communication systems (such as iPad communication apps), among other methods, in a bid to connect with others when all other avenues prove challenging. 

Jenny is trained in the following communication programmes/ methods:


  • Lámh Sign

  • The Lidcombe Programme for Early Intervention of Stuttering

  • Cued Articulation

  • PECS

  • Grace App

  • DIR Floortime

  • Intensive Interaction


Jenny is also a member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists and is registered with CORU.